Tuesday, October 4, 2011

     It is so awesome to be a Missionary! The blessings are unbelievable. I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to do the Saviors work. I know he helps me here, and I know in four more weeks he will be helping me find and help his children in Arizona.
     We got to watch all five sessions of general Conference last weekend. Which was really nice. It was almost like a break because we didn't have any class on Saturday. It was such a blessing to be able to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles. There were so many talks that really touched me, and the spirit was there to help confirm to me that the things being taught were true. I loved Boyd K Packers. I loved Sister Daltons talk about being Virtuous Priesthood holders and men. It may have been my favorite. I loved Thomas S. Monsons talk during priesthood about being willing to Stand Alone. But I know that we are never alone when standing for the Savior. I know he is there with us. I really loved Jeffery R. Hollands talk about being enlisted. He talked about how the Church needed more missionaries and that we couldn't afford to keep playing for the other team and then expecting to suit up and play when mission time comes along. I think it will really help the young men coming up.
     One thing I noticed all through General Conference was the theme "we are at war". I had never heard it that much. I am very happy to be on the "good" side in this war and am happy to be able to help others. 
We had a fireside Sunday night. Chad Lewis came and talked to us. He played football for BYU, and played for the Eagles in the NFL and went to a Superbowl. He served his mission in Taiwan. He was awesome. He told us how we were going into harms way to rescue our brothers and sisters and help pull them back to safety.
     K, so one of our investigators, Ishmael, is awesome! We went and taught him last night. He had invited his friend Luis over. We taught him about the restoration. We explained what a prophet was and why the world didn't have one for so long. They understood, so we told them about Joesph Smith. Let me just add that this was so hard, since we had to explain this whole lesson in a foreign language. Anyways when I shared with them the First Vision, even though it was in Spanish and I was reading it off of a note card, the Spirit was so strong! I felt it, and I could see that they felt it. Luiz started tearing up. We then testified of our Father in Heaven's love for us and how his son Jesus Christ loves us. We told them they gave us the Gospel so we could be happy. Ishmael lives with some members, and we asked him if he wanted to be  happy like them, and he said yes. We promised if he would read the Book of Mormon that he would know God loved him and that he would be happier. The spirit was so strong. It was awesome. The spirit is the key! I want to be worthy to always have it with me!
     Anyways love everyone! I know this is the lords work and that Jesus is my savior.
Elder Jonathan Harder

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