Sunday, August 28, 2011

Almost there!

I should have started using this blog when i recieved my mission call. But since I didn't, today seems like a good day to start.
Two months ago I recieved a call to go and serve for two years in the Arizona Tempe Mission. I report to the MTC(Missionary Training Center) on September 14, 2011. And that day is coming fast!
It's just about two weeks and I will be heading out on my mission!
I gave my Farewell talk today in my home ward. The Summerville Ward, in the Charleston SC stake.
I talked about how the First Vision helps us come to know and have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.
Which is what i get to do as a missionary. I get to share what i know with people, and help them to come to know Jesus Christ and deveolp faith in him.
I'm very excited to be able to serve for two years. And I'm excited to help others.
I made this Blog so that anyone who wants to know what's going on while I'm on my mission can come and see. I'll add my adress later where you can write me letters when I get out in the mission field. Which is two weeks away!
Anyways I'll continue to post things as I get closer to leaving, and then my family will keep posting things when i leave.

Jon Harder.

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